Makrbus receives POZYX developers package.


Last Summer, a Kickstarter was run by a company called Pozyx to get a indoor positioning system they developed out into the market. Makrbus has since acquired a developer kit in order to write a number of demo/instructional posts on how the system can be utilized. At the moment the goal is to create 4-5 demos which will include the following:

  1. Where was my dog – Put the Tag on the dog and create a log of where s/he has been.
  2. Where is my dog – Put the Tag on the dog and create a method to display real time location of the dog.
  3. Where is my robot – Put the Tag on a Lego Robot and track where it is.
  4. Drive my robot – Two way communication between where my robot is and where it needs to go.
  5. Where is my drone – Indoor position log of where has my drone flown or where my drone is.

Currently the Pozyx system has been unboxed, Arduino’s Uno’s were ordered and ow we are reviewing current code to begin the dog tracker. Here are some pics of the developer kit as it arrived.


After the unboxing… I realized they were shields vs full units so I had to buy some Arduinos. The Uno’s are the only ones that seem to match pin wise 1:1. In our kit, we got 5 tags and 4 anchors.


Makrbus supports drone racing


So alot of people ask … what does Makrbus have to do with drone racing. So the initial charter for the Makrbus was to support bringing science and technology to schools to support STEM programs. So that never really took off so to speak. A couple years ago some friends formed the Rhode Island Drone club on Facebook. Since that happened, I would show up with the giant battery and catering wagon known as the Makrbus.  Supporting drone events just became the natural direction for the RV.

Check out Rhode Island Drone Club on Facebook for current info.

Check out as well.

Feel free to contact me if you want to hire it out to support your next event.


Makrbus becomes reseller for DeskProto


In order to become a single stop CNC supplier/reseller/service bureau, Artsy Computing Services has picked up another company to resell in support of it’s Stepcraft reseller status.

The Company Delft Spline Corporation out of the Netherlands makes an amazing 4 axis machining package that works flawlessly with the Stepcraft 4th axis option.

I know this video does not do the process justice but I wanted to post it anyway. Should always do an “air cut” on any new program just to save the spindle and table from a silly mistake.

Here we have the Stepcraft 300 running the 4th axis and doing a 2 axis cut on top of the rotary axis.

Artsy Computing Services has become a Stepcraft Reseller


Artsy Computing Services ( parent of Makrbus ) has just signed up to be the Rhode Island reseller for Stepcraft. Please use the promotional  code of “makrbus” during checkout and get 2% off on your purchase. Mention that Artsycs is your system integrator and if you requested your machine assembled, we will do it and hand deliver it to you with an hour of training.

We wanted to document some of the testing/demos we are putting together here for others to review.

Sample video of cutting Carbon Fiber drone parts.

Sample video of cutting Aluminum drone parts.

Watching UCCNC display while machining a wood carving.

Using the Stepcraft 300 with the 3D print head with PLA filament.

4 axis machining with the Stepcraft 300 and the rotary option with DeskProto. ( cutting air to verify program )

Makerbus launches the season at the Ashaway RV Resort


Had the pleasure of taking the Makerbus on its 2015 maiden voyage to the newest campground in Rhode Island. The Ashaway RV resort is a top notch family friendly campground located in the southern part of RI. When checking in, I inquired about the R/C airplane on the shelf behind the desk and was told the owner purchased it for his son 15 years ago and it had never been unboxed. SO… I inquired… was the owner R/C friendly and would he mind a drone fly around and capture some video of his facility in exchange for a copy of the video ? The friendly employee said he would be very interested. So I went about taking some footage. Later that day I met with the owner and gave him the overview of the Flamewheel 450 and shot some video for him. I then processed the video for him and gave it to him the next day. I will post some of the still from the video soon and publish the video on YouTube with a link soon. Thanks Ashaway RV Resort for a memorable weekend. Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Ashaway5   Ashaway1   Ashaway3    Ashaway2   Ashaway7

Makrbus site overview


The Plan:

Create a mobile maker space for hire that can be used on site to demonstrate or provide a congregation point to perform making. Primarily focused on educating others to what making is and teaching the fundamentals of experimentation and self motivated learning in the STEM space ( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics )


A significant amount of equipment has been collected which can be seen at Art’s Garage at The mobile portion that has recently been acquired is the RV and Makerbot Replicator 2x which travel together to your location. Additional function equipment can be supplied ( tent, cooking and PA equipment )

Next Steps:

Free Demos:
Currently doing free printing demos to contacts for feedback on plan and hone demonstrations. If you are interested please contact me to setup a demo.

Document service offerings:
What you are reading now is some of the capturing and presentation of the marketing for the services. Would love feedback and assistance on this endeavor.

First program/project:
Currently this is going to be the building of a 3D printer since that seems to be where much of the interest is. Am currently deciding if I want to make this an assembly of an existing kit ( Mendel, Printerbot)  or design and build of a brand new model ( fa derivative of the Lutzbot )  If you are interested and committed ( $ ) to doing this…. please contact me and lets form the first class. I suspect the cost to be around $1000.

Questions, Comments and suggestions…

Art van Meeteren