Interview with WPRI on FAA Registration Deadline


Had a great opportunity to meet with and be interviewed by Susan Campbell from WPRI. The subject was what do I think about the soon approaching deadline for the FAA Drone Registration.

I had a lot to say on the subject, instead, catch the interview which is airing Monday, February 15 at 5:45. I wanted to focus on the space I secured to do the interview at. I contacted a friend of a friend and got access to Wide World of Indoor Sports. I had noticed this location when my daughter was playing field hockey there. The unique feature I noticed was that all the interior surfaces of the building were covered with a strong netting material. This would prove awesome to “catch” a drone and prevent any damage. In addition to this… a second floor observation deck had plenty of seating and also included a full bar. Here is a pic of Susan, Less and Myself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 7.56.00 PM

Here is a video of testing the netting. I took a drone and full speed flew into the netting. Neither the drone nor the netting suffered any damage.

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