Artsy Computing Services has become a Stepcraft Reseller


Artsy Computing Services ( parent of Makrbus ) has just signed up to be the Rhode Island reseller for Stepcraft. Please use the promotional ¬†code of “makrbus” during checkout and get 2% off on your purchase. Mention that Artsycs is your system integrator and if you requested your machine assembled, we will do it and hand deliver it to you with an hour of training.

We wanted to document some of the testing/demos we are putting together here for others to review.

Sample video of cutting Carbon Fiber drone parts.

Sample video of cutting Aluminum drone parts.

Watching UCCNC display while machining a wood carving.

Using the Stepcraft 300 with the 3D print head with PLA filament.

4 axis machining with the Stepcraft 300 and the rotary option with DeskProto. ( cutting air to verify program )

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