Makrbus receives POZYX developers package.


Last Summer, a Kickstarter was run by a company called Pozyx to get a indoor positioning system they developed out into the market. Makrbus has since acquired a developer kit in order to write a number of demo/instructional posts on how the system can be utilized. At the moment the goal is to create 4-5 demos which will include the following:

  1. Where was my dog – Put the Tag on the dog and create a log of where s/he has been.
  2. Where is my dog – Put the Tag on the dog and create a method to display real time location of the dog.
  3. Where is my robot – Put the Tag on a Lego Robot and track where it is.
  4. Drive my robot – Two way communication between where my robot is and where it needs to go.
  5. Where is my drone – Indoor position log of where has my drone flown or where my drone is.

Currently the Pozyx system has been unboxed, Arduino’s Uno’s were ordered and ow we are reviewing current code to begin the dog tracker. Here are some pics of the developer kit as it arrived.


After the unboxing… I realized they were shields vs full units so I had to buy some Arduinos. The Uno’s are the only ones that seem to match pin wise 1:1. In our kit, we got 5 tags and 4 anchors.


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