Makerbus launches the season at the Ashaway RV Resort


Had the pleasure of taking the Makerbus on its 2015 maiden voyage to the newest campground in Rhode Island. The Ashaway RV resort is a top notch family friendly campground located in the southern part of RI. When checking in, I inquired about the R/C airplane on the shelf behind the desk and was told the owner purchased it for his son 15 years ago and it had never been unboxed. SO… I inquired… was the owner R/C friendly and would he mind a drone fly around and capture some video of his facility in exchange for a copy of the video ? The friendly employee said he would be very interested. So I went about taking some footage. Later that day I met with the owner and gave him the overview of the Flamewheel 450 and shot some video for him. I then processed the video for him and gave it to him the next day. I will post some of the still from the video soon and publish the video on YouTube with a link soon. Thanks Ashaway RV Resort for a memorable weekend. Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Ashaway5   Ashaway1   Ashaway3    Ashaway2   Ashaway7

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