Brief flight at the 2015 Fall Crawl.


Had a chance to attend the 2015 Fall Crawl in Harrisville NH. Was asked to try and capture some footage of the line up to start the event on Saturday morning. Wanted to get the rig out and shake off any cobwebs due to not flying over the last couple weeks before I “needed” to fly. Made a couple mistakes including forgetting to remove the Gimbal “holder” which resulted in horrible bouncy video as the gimbal fought the holder when ever I banked the drone. I was able to grab a couple pics from the video before making the biggest mistake. One of the attendees dared me to land on his rig. I figured… I land on my hot tub all the time. Piece of cake. So I fly towards us and stick the landing to a big whoo hooo and cheers. Then the mistake…. to shut down the motors on the DJIs ( my other drone ) you push sticks down to the middle ( same sequence to start motors on both drones ) however on the QX3… this does not shut down the motors. In fact it makes the unit hard rotate right while strafing left. Needles to say it tumbled from the top of the 4×4 and crashed to the ground. Was not able to resurrect the rest of the weekend but was able to get it to work ( minus broken GPS boom ) tonight. Should be all set for next Rock Crawl. Enjoy the pics.fallcrawl1 fallcrawl2 fallcrawl3 fallcrawl4 fallcrawl5

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