Stepcraft CNC positioning system


Recently became an affiliate for a product that made its way into the US via a Kickstarter last year. The companies name is Stepcraft and they are based in Germany. They have been selling products in Europe for about 3 years now prior to making an entry into the US market.

The person responsible for the US market presence is Erick Royer from

I went to visit Erick in CT before I bought a machine to see what made it special and how they were able to hit the price point. I found a number of unique and clever features so I purchased the smallest unit thinking it would be ideal for demonstration purposes.

The most distingushing feature of the Stepcraft machine is the fact that it is not one machine. It truly is a CNC positioning system that then allows the user to postion a number of different tools to perform a number of different processes. Fancy way of saying its multiple tools in one. At the moment it can be a Mill, 3D printer, Laser cutter, Foam board cutter,  thin stock (vinyl) cutter and whatever other type of tool the user can imagine.

So below are some photos of some of the initial work i have completed with my 300 unit with the HF milling head.

Erick demoing the Stepcraft on wood

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