Makrbus site overview


The Plan:

Create a mobile maker space for hire that can be used on site to demonstrate or provide a congregation point to perform making. Primarily focused on educating others to what making is and teaching the fundamentals of experimentation and self motivated learning in the STEM space ( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics )


A significant amount of equipment has been collected which can be seen at Art’s Garage at The mobile portion that has recently been acquired is the RV and Makerbot Replicator 2x which travel together to your location. Additional function equipment can be supplied ( tent, cooking and PA equipment )

Next Steps:

Free Demos:
Currently doing free printing demos to contacts for feedback on plan and hone demonstrations. If you are interested please contact me to setup a demo.

Document service offerings:
What you are reading now is some of the capturing and presentation of the marketing for the services. Would love feedback and assistance on this endeavor.

First program/project:
Currently this is going to be the building of a 3D printer since that seems to be where much of the interest is. Am currently deciding if I want to make this an assembly of an existing kit ( Mendel, Printerbot)  or design and build of a brand new model ( fa derivative of the Lutzbot )  If you are interested and committed ( $ ) to doing this…. please contact me and lets form the first class. I suspect the cost to be around $1000.

Questions, Comments and suggestions…

Art van Meeteren


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